This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Kurves Night Inn Atlanta at the beautiful W Hotel in midtown. This event was established by Francie “Miss DivaKurves” Maupin, founder and CEO of the plus size clothing line, Diva Kurves Collection. This event was an intimate evening of learning and fun, designed to discuss topics that contributes to personal development, branding, and entrepreneurship. The night was filled with girl talk facilitated by industry experts, who shared tips on how to make it in a thriving industry. Oh, but there’s more.

The night kicked off with a little bubbly and a social hour. All of the girls had an opportunity to mix and mingle to get to know each other. There were girls who traveled from near and far to be at this event, which spoke volumes. We then moved into our sessions with the Kurve Experts. The first expert was Tammy Davis, creator of Diva 4 Life Entertainment and content contributor for Kontrol Magazine. Tammy is an ambassador of confidence and a true visionary. I loved how transparent she was and her sharing the struggles of making it in the industry as a “curvy girl.” Tammy gave tips on personal development and how important self-confidence is when you are trying to create a brand. We then had the pleasure of speaking with Crystal Daniels, founder and creative director of The Society of Harlow. Crystal segment touched on key points on creating your own lane. She shared her remarkable story on how she took her professional education and applied it to her passion, being voted as Fashion Bomb Daily’s “Top 10 Atlanta Bloggers” in just one year. How inspiring is that!

The night then heated up as we moved into our men segment with some of the industry’s hottest professionals and athletes. The men segment included Gary, an automotive consultant and broker here in Atlanta. William Moore, NFL safety, Chad Thompson, author and real estate investor, former NBA player Jahaziel Howard, and personal trainer David Askew. These men were really open about relationships and sex as it relates to women. The ladies did not hold back, asking questions like; why do men disappear? My personal favorite was, is sex that big of a deal in a relationship? Each guy gave their spill on what sex and love meant to them. They were really open and left the ladies with some insight on how to deal with these crazy relationships, I mean different relationships.

Kurves Night Inn was far better than I ever expected it to be. It was very refreshing to see women come together with hopes of bettering themselves. What I love most about Miss DivaKurves for creating an event like this is her understanding of the struggles we face when building a brand. She has done so successfully with a lucrative clothing company and a loyal following of over 200K people. Often times in this industry, people withhold information for whatever reason, but she decided to create a safe haven where people didn’t mind disclosing what they did to become successful. The next Kurve Night Inn will be in Miami on Apirl 29th. You can visit http://www.missdivakurves.com/ to purchase tickets for the next stop. Remember, purchase your tickets fast. Keep in mind this event take place in an intimate setting so tickets are limited. I guarantee you this will be a night to remember.

Visit @kurvesnightinntour on Instgram for pictures and videos from each stop!

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