This Christmas will be an awesome one for all! Whether you see your cup as half full or half empty take the time to be thankful for the little things including life itself... If you are reading this message then chances are that you are seeing it on a desktop, laptop or cellphone. Well that fact alone puts you in a high percentile of blessing. Did you know that over 51% of the worlds population doesn't own a desktop, laptop or cellphone. The point is, there are many people less fortunate than you, so this Holiday season simply take a sec to reflect and be thankful for the little things... Take a sec to realize that despite life's minor setbacks your cup is actually half full or even overflowing... Now if you would like to go into the new year feeling even more blessed take an additional moment out and bless someone less fortunate than you with a gift, hug or a simple inspirational message (like this). I promise you it'll lift your spirits and theirs... Happy Holidays on behalf of Full Blossom Magazine!!! -Mello (Editor-in-Chief)

December 19, 2018




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